Sliding Into Spring!

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The time between winter and spring is one of the most challenging times of the year to figure out what to wear, especially in Colorado! One day it's 32 degrees outside with ice, sleet, and snow. The next day it’s 75 and sunny. So what in the world are you supposed to wear…snow boots with a sundress? Before you go that far, here are some tips and tricks for what to wear as you transition into spring! 

First of all, don’t be afraid to layer. Layers are your best friend throughout this time of year! If it’s not too cold, a cardigan with a cute dress works perfectly for the day time. If it’s still a little too frigid for that, step up your layering game. A simple pair of leggings is an easy way to add some warmth and comfort. So, when it hits 75 degrees in the afternoon, all you have to do is shed those layers.

One other trick to spice up your winter wardrobe is to add a bright color into the mix. Don’t jump straight into a hot pink dress, but wear your winter blacks and add a floral or pastel colored scarf. Or you could simply add a colored bag to your winter thread. Adding the pop up spring color allows you to get the most wear from your fall and winter wardrobe! This way your wardrobe slowly makes the transition just as the season does. 

Before you go buy a whole new spring wardrobe that you can’t even wear yet, make sure you utilize your winter pieces that still work in the warmer weather. A few styles that will never fail you are plaids and stripes. Don’t be afraid to keep your flannels around for a while longer. Use them as a layering tool. And if you get too warm in it, just tie it around your waist. Stripes are a girl’s best friend through any tough fashion season. So if the crazy weather has you super stumped, have some stripes as a go to piece. Throw a blazer or cardigan over your striped top or dress and you have conquered this transitional season.

Don’t let the bipolar weather get you down. Take on this transitional season head on. And remember that brighter, warmer days are just around the corner. Buy pieces that will work for both cold and warm weather. Don’t forget to layer, layer, layer. And most importantly have a really great weather app so that you can always be prepared for the changing weather of spring!


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Great ideas! I’m so ready for warmer weather! ?

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