Dressing Backwards!

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It's something that I am sure you have never even thought twice about, how to get dressed. It seems as though once your mother teaches you how to dress yourself you find a little routine and stick with it. 
   It wasn't until a few years ago that I did the same thing, I would start from the bottom and work my way up (sorry TMI, I know). I have this friend who is THAT friend that always seems to be so put together and dressed incredibly cute. I always thought "How in the world does she do it?" I mean my morning routine is always rushed and can be chaotic. So, one day I asked her and she taught me a secret that was so incredibly simple I won't ever forget it! She replied "It's so easy, just get dressed backwards!" That was not something that I was expecting to hear but she explained to me was that she doesn't get dressed in the same "normal" fashion most of us do. 
   The secret to her success was she would pick out a statement piece and then dress around it. This statement piece could be anything from her favorite shoes, a necklace, scarf or colored jeans. Once she had picked out her statement piece then she said her outfits basically came together without any effort.
   After hearing about her morning routine, and slightly doubting how easy it would be, I decided to try it myself. It took a couple of days to get used to but I found that this little tip not only made my mornings more manageable but I also felt more put together and ready for the day.
    A little twist that I added myself is that before putting on the clothes I will either lay them on the bed or display them on a hanger all together. This way I can make sure that I love what I am going to wear without having to try everything on. This small tip is a great way to expand your closet and to create new outfits that you never even knew were possible!

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