Think Twice Before You Click!

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   In the internet world sometimes it can be difficult to spot a scam, especially if it sounds like an out of this world deal! I mean who doesn't love a little bargain shopping? But buyer beware when shopping on the internet and definitely on Facebook. There seems to be MANY scam sites and Facebook pages that are offering the"same" products that I (and other boutiques) have at very discounted prices. These companies make great promises of free shipping, easy returns and discounted prices but the truth is that the products are not well made, do not look like the image and take weeks to months to arrive.              Typically, if it sounds too good to be normally is. I care about your buying experience through my company, but also with other companies that you buy from. So, please take a moment to check these online companies out before you buy. To help you I have created a little checklist for you to use to vet these companies and make sure that you are not taken advantage of. 
  • Look for a phone number, address and where the items are shipping out of. Most of these companies will not have any contact information available and that is the first red flag.
  • Western Union is not a form of payment most US based boutiques use and DHL is not a typical shipping company for most boutiques. 
  • All of the models heads are cropped out of the images. This is because the images are normally stolen and these companies think that they can fool the consumer into buying, by slightly changing the image.
  • Read the reviews and if there aren't any, stay away! In this modern digital age it is so easy to leave reviews of a company. Most of these sites have blocked their review section on FaceBook but if you read the comments almost all of them are made by dissatisfied customers. 
  • Here are a few of the sites to just steer clear from: DressLily, RoseGal, Zaful, Sheln, JollyChic, FashionMia and more. 
 Look for these clues and you'll know. And if you can't figure it out save yourself a headache and money and shop elsewhere! Happy shopping!

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