How Did This Happen?!

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   In honor of Mother's Day I decided that this weeks blog post should really be one that can help all of the moms out there! And what gift wouldn't be better than knowing how to get those odd stains out of everyone's clothes? Like the grass stains that the kids come home with, the oil stains that your husband happens to have ALL of the time and even those wine stains that you might just happen to spill on your favorite shirt after a long hard day of being Mommy. I have found for you the EPIC solution to all of your stain worries; even those stains that have you asking "What is this? And where did it come from?"  
   Look no further for this link I am about to share with you, you are going to want to bookmark! The University of Illinois has an amazing website that has compiled a massive list of stain possibilities and how to treat them! This not only includes stains on clothing but also is for carpet and upholstery. There are even some things on there that I never knew could leave a stain, like zuchinni and even mashed potatoes.  
   The link that you need to keep handy is Once you are on the site you can browse through hundreds of stain options. After you have found your stain culprit you can click on it and you will find a list of what you need to treat the stain and detailed instructions on how to treat the stain. How cool is that? This will definitely save you some time and money by being able to save what you once thought might be ruined. 
   Happy Mother's Day!

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