The Balancing Act

Posted by Tiffani Waters on
 Fashion is always a balancing act, especially with the loose and free fitting style that is on trend right now. We all are loving this slightly boho chic look but sometimes it can become overwhelming trying to figure out what to wear with what! 
   Let me give you just a little tip that will go a long way when trying to wear these more free fitted pieces. It's all about balance. If you are going to wear a more loose fitting top, find a bottom to pair with it that is more form fitting and has a tapered leg. A great example of this would be skinny jeans, jeggings, leggings, capris and even a pencil skirt. This also works in the opposite way. If you are wearing a pair of loose bottoms, like palazzo pants (yes, those are back in style), find a top that accents your curves a little more. 
   These more fitted pieces don't have to be skin tight or make you uncomfortable, but the point is to make sure that you accent your curves to find a flattering look and style. 
  If you find that you are still struggling with pairing, please, do not hesitate to stop by and ask for some advice. After all, the part that I love the most about this business is YOU and helping you become more confident and feeling beautiful!
Much Love,

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