The Ultimate Closet Purge

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With Spring finally here I have quickly realized that once again it is time for some Spring cleaning to be done. YIKES! Even the thought of it really makes me want to just walk away. It has become very evident that over the past few years my closet has grown and grown and grown! Yes, owning a boutique has it's perks but at some point enough is enough. This is why I N.E.E.D. to do a full closet cleansing. Hopefully, you are more on top of it than I am and maybe you won't need to do this part of the Spring cleaning process, if so, way to go girl; oh, and if you have a moment please don't hesitate to swing by! I am sure that I will need some help loading these black garbage bags into my car and hauling them off to our local Methodist Thrift Store for donation. 

Now I am not going to go full Marie Kondo on you, asking you to thank each piece of clothing and to stare at it, hold it up or even try it on to see if it brings you joy. Although, her tactics maybe helpful to many, at least for my closet I like to go about things a touch more emotionally detached. I mean because if I let my emotions go into over drive I will keep everything, because I once wore this on my first date with my husband or whatever ridiculous memory I may attach to that beloved piece of clothing just for the sake of keeping it.  

I am just going to face the truth head on, I AM BLESSED! I mean I am literally staring at a closet stuffed (yes, stuffed as in I cannot fit another hanger on the rod) full of clothing, what a wonderful life I have. But to give myself a reality check there are many of these beautiful tops, sweaters and tees that I just don't wear, at all. I will admit to you I, Tiffani, am a creature of habit. Yes, I have about 7 of my favorite tops on repeat every week. And if you know me well, I am sure that you know what I am wearing, uhummm DoubleHood Sweatshirt and my favorite distressed capris. I have a good feeling of why I wear these same faves all of the time and one reason is...I HATE with a passion of a thousand suns, digging for an outfit. I hate it. I can't shop in a crowded space and that even means in my own closet. It is seriously like sensory overload. So, back on track, I am going to tackle this enormous feat and give you my six key questions on how I manage to Spring clean my closet. But before we get started turn on your favorite tunes to make this process more enjoyable! 

I have come to find that there are about six key questions to ask yourself while cleaning out your closet. These six questions are nothing ground breaking or even remotely unique they are just the questions that help me to be honest with myself. Here are the six questions you can use:

  • If I was shopping would I buy this now?
  • Does this fit?
  • Have I worn this in the last 2 years?
  • Is it likely that I will wear this again?
  • Do I feel confident in this?
  • Is it damaged AND will I actually get this repaired?

    And here is why I love these six questions. It simplifies the process. If you can answer no to any of the six questions your decision has been made, it's time to say goodbye. Yep, no going back if there is a no, it is a go. There are very few exceptions to the six question rule and one of the major ones is if the item has a true sentimental value, such as a formal dress and the best way to deal with those is to take them to the dry cleaner, have them cleaned and sealed and then store them in a safe place.

    Once you have decided to say sayonara you have one more decision to make, what do you do with these items now? Now this is where Marie K. and I agree. You have three options to take; sell, donate or trash. This is where you will have to make the call and look at the condition of the item. If the item is in great condition consign it at your local shop to get some extra cash to help replace the item with a new one that you will actually wear, talk about a win-win. If it is clear that you loved that top and now it is faded and has holes then it is probably time to let go, move on and throw it away! Sad but so true. Lastly, if the condition of the item is somewhere in between the last two examples then your best option is likely to donate it at your local thrift shop or Salvation Army, again another win-win. 

    I wish you all of the luck as you go through this process because, believe me, I know how difficult this task is! But just remember that the light at the end of the tunnel is that once you have gone through your wardrobe it will leave you feeling confident and refreshed in everything that you have to wear!

    Best of Luck!



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    Created on Posted by Stephanie Riddell Comment Link

    I love your posts Tiff!!! I seem to attach “meaning” to my clothes and find it so hard to let go! Oh my goodness. It’s time to Marie Kondo/LOAH/ question my closet!

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