The 7 Mistakes That You Are Making When Shopping For Jeans

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Jeans, every closet has at least one pair if not three dozen. Jeans have become a staple in today's wardrobe and a must have for all seasons. I love jeans and it has truly become an addiction that I can not control. But I have noticed that there is one problem with jeans, shopping for them. Every woman has the same issue and shopping for jeans can be a daunting and overwhelming task, but do not worry I am here to help! Here are 7 common mistakes that I see happen almost everyday as a boutique owner. These are the mistakes and how to avoid them for a jean shopping experience that is a breeze.

1.You are in a rush. Buying a pair of jeans can take time. There are no standard sizes when it comes to jeans and you just have to try them on. Every brand has a different fit, if not many, and the different types of material can also affect the fit. To find the perfect pair it is going to take some time, patience and, yes, trying on many pairs. So, don't rush in on your lunch hour or between the kids' activities, make sure that you take some time for yourself when you need a new pair of jeans.

2. You forget about the stretch. Jeans will naturally loosen over time and if you buy a size that is too loose they can become baggy quickly. It is important to remember when you are in the fitting room that every jean will have a different stretch factor and depending on the spandex content they can stretch up to half a size! Spandex helps provide a better fit but can also stretch throughout the day and that must be factored into your size when you try a pair of jeans on.

3. You worry about the details. Don't get bogged down in the details. Stop worrying about the brand, size and the inseam length. You are shopping for a pair of jeans that fits you and that is the most flattering. Every jean is sized differently, so you have to shop based on fit not size. If the inseam is a problem, that is an easy fix! If the jeans are too long they can always be hemmed (our seamstress is AWESOME at this) and if they are too short sometimes a special order is all you need or you can cuff them or even tuck them into your boots.

4. You don't ask for an opinion. This is where a best friend or even a trusted sales person is necessary. We aren't always our best critics so it is important to ask someone that you trust for their honest opinion. No one wants you to purchase a pair of jeans that you do not feel comfortable and confident in and this person will make sure that you don't have any jean buyer's remorse!

5. You don't check out the backside.  Don't be scared! This is a crucial step in finding the perfect jeans. We all typically stand straight in front of the mirror and we typically neglect to check our backside. You want to know how the jeans fit your entire body not just the front!

6. You forget to have an open mind. It is easy to fall back to our old habits and to default to only looking at our favorite brands, but you never know what you could be missing out on until you try! Try new brands, different fits and different flares to see how you like them. You may be surprised that you find a new style or fit that you like even better and it is always good to change things up every once in a while. And if you still find yourself with that same jean, that's ok, at least you know for certain that is the best option for you.

7. You think that one pair is enough. If you find that style that fits you perfectly and you know that you just won't be able to live without, make sure that you at least double up! Buying more than one pair will allow you to wear your favorite pair of jeans twice as often and you won't be wearing them out as quickly.

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