(Insert Color Here) is the New Black, But is it Right for You?

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We all know that in fashion with every season there is always a “new black” and these colors always come and go. For Spring and Summer 2015 the “new black” is coral and mint, this fall and winter it will be emerald, navy and wine. Have you ever tried to wear one of the new color trends and looked at yourself in the mirror and thought, “What am I doing?” Everyone has been there, don't worry. Hopefully, through this post I can help to alleviate some of those painful situations.There are always going to be some colors that just don't work for you but the key is to know what colors and shades do work and then to wear them with confidence!

The best way to determine what colors work best for you is through seasonal color analysis. This analysis takes into consideration your natural coloring, from your hair and eye colors to your skin tone and that special combination of colors compliments and contrasts what colors that look best on each season. To find out what season you are check out the quick quiz that we have below.



Springs complexions are normally peachy or creamy white with golden undertones. Springs normally have golden, auburn or strawberry blonde locks with clear light blue or green eyes. Springs can easily wear soft colors like caramel, peach and aqua. They also look best in bright reds, true greens, clear blues and any shade of coral. Colors that Springs should avoid are those that are too contrasting like black and white.


The Summer category will have blue and pink undertones and little contrast between skin, hair and eye colors. Summers are normally naturally blonde and have pale eyes. Colors that look best on Summers are pastels and muted colors. Mauve, powder blue and pale yellow are great choices. Shades that Summers should avoid are those that are intense and vivid, Summers should also stray from earth tones.


Autumns have a complexion that is either golden brown, golden beige or peach. Their locks will probably be red, brown or golden, although, black hair coloring can also fall into this category. Autumns have a lot of depth and coloring in their skin tone which allows them to wear colors such as olive, camel, orange and warm grays. Colors that should be avoided are bright colors, pastels and black and white.


The last category is Winter. Winters normally have rosy and blue undertones with skin tones of yellow, pale white or dark colors. Winters normally have a great contrast between their skin tones, hair color and eye color. Winters look best in intense colors like white, black, navy blue, hot pink and cool blues. The colors that Winters should avoid are pastels, beige, orange and gold.

You may find yourself in a couple of categories, that is great! More options is always a good thing. Color analysis is not a set of strict rules but rather a general idea for what colors may work best for you. Once you start trying on the right colors you will notice how each color has a huge impact on the way you look. Have fun with this and try to break out of your comfort zone and expand the colors in your closet.

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