Dressing For Your Body Shape

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Fashion is a tool that we all use every day. This tool helps us create looks that we love, but in the world of fashion styles and trends are quickly changing and it becomes difficult knowing what to wear that will flatter your shape. The idea of dressing for your body shape is about balance and adding the perfect amount of contrast will make a world of difference in the way that you look and feel.

There are five basic body shapes, now of course since everyone is unique and built differently. There may be some people that fit into a couple of different categories and that is just fine. The key to finding your shape is to find out what your best features are and accenting them.

If you happen to have slender legs, slight shoulders and a trim booty you more than likely have a circle body shape. Cirlce's normally try to cover up their body but that is exactly opposite of what should be done. Showing off a little leg, your neckline and forearms will not only make you look more slender but younger. Seriously, who could resist that? Since your body has less structure we want to add some of that for balance. Anything that will add angles to your shape is going to be flattering. Wear tops with cowl necks, blazers, anything with an asymmetrical hemline or flutter sleeves. For the bottoms you have the legs, so why not show them off! Wear a straight leg or bootcut and adding a heel will also show off your legs while taking some weight off of your image.

You know that you have an hourglass figure when you have a large bust, slim waist and curvy hims for that ultimate Marilyn Monroe look. Hourglass figures have what everyone wants, curves, so show them off! Simple tops are key for this body shape. Scoop necklines and 3/4 sleeves are perfect for this shape. Avoid layering as much as possible because the more layers you have the less your curves will show through. For bottoms bootcut and skinny jeans are perfect for you and make sure that you have a pencil skirt in your closet. The ultimate key to dressing your hourglass figure is to find clothes that follow your natural curve and that are fitted (but not too tight).

If you have head turning hips, shapely legs and a trim waist you have a triangle body shape. you have a slender upper body and probably try to show that off but resist the urge. By wearing tight tops you throw off your body's balance and actually end up making your bottom look bigger than what it actually is. Think about layering on top to help fill out your upper half. Cardigans and cropped jackets are your best friend. For your bottoms bootcut pants are the best for your body. The flare helps balance out your curves and they look best with a heel for some more length. Above all avoid high waists and pleated skirts as they are made for filling out those who are less curvacious. The goal is to draw the eye up instead of down, adding some chunky jewelry, embellished tops and eye catching colors are a must.

The opposite of the triangle figure is the inverted triangle body shape. With this shape you have killer legs, a tapered torso and a trim waist that make you look confident and fit. Since you have those killer legs you more than likely wear a lot of leggings that will work with the right top but in most cases you will want to add more volume to your lower half for a more balanced look. V-Necks and cowl necks are a great look for you as they help minimize a stronger upper body, but definitely stay clear of anything with ruffles on the top! For bottoms you will want to balance out the fullness of your upper half, so look for flowy, full body pants and skirts that will make your lower body look bigger (and yes that is exactly what you want).

The last general body shape is the rectangular shape which is that slender and athletic look. Most rectangularly shaped women try to wear fitted tops but that often makes them look too boxy, so instead try to soften your body and create curves. Asymmetrical and rounded hemlines as well as ruffles are your best friend! Boatnecks and off the shoulder tops are a great option as well. Since you have that athletic look try to soften it with more feminine pieces and colors. For bottoms high waist pants and wide leg trousers will make you look like a million bucks!

Remember to have fun with it and to make sure that you allow your personality to shine through. Looking good is all about feeling good. So, if you aren't feeling good in it don't wear it, it is as easy as that. Be confident and wear a smile and you are sure to turn heads wherever you may go!


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