5 Musts for the Transition to Fall

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As much as we would love to extend the long summer days that are filled with fun, friends and the outdoors, summer just can’t last forever. As the kids get ready to go back to school, the weather starts to cool down and with the beginning of August here already, the realization that some wardrobe changes might be in the near future is hard to avoid. So, does this mean that it’s time to put away all of our bright tanks and say goodbye to cropped pants? Definitely not! Transitioning from Summer to Fall can be tricky as the weather can go from cool to hot at the drop of a dime. It’s time to bring a few of those fall friendly pieces out of hibernation and pair it chicly with your favorite summer clothes. To get you started on the fun I have listed the five must have pieces to help you transition your warm weather look into Fall.

  1. Layers are key.

This is a great way to keep your summer wardrobe in heavy rotation is by adding a top layer that you can take on and off as the fickle weather changes. A leather jacket, jean jacket, blazer or cardigan is ideal for layering. Not only do these pieces help create the perfect layered effect but they are ideal for getting more wear out of your Summer sundresses and tanks. Ideas? A floral dress with a jean jacket, a leather jacket with a cute tank and shorts or a blazer with a tank and cropped jeans.

  1. Leggings are a MUST!

Leggings are definitely a nod to Fall and serve as an easy way to keep warm while also looking adorable. Whether you choose to wear crop leggings or ankle length they come in a variety of colors and prints that are great to pair with your skirts from the warmer months. Even pair them with your favorite longer tanks that you have been wearing with your shorts all summer for an adorable Fall look.

  1. A new pair of boots or booties are necessary.

Booties and boots are the iconic fashion piece for Fall. Not only are they cute and trendy and some of us consider them an all year fave. They work with practically everything from leather to denim and even floral prints. My favorite way to wear booties is to pair them with a crop pair of jeans and my favorite lace top.

  1. Scarves…and lots of them!

Scarves are the perfect fall accessory and a must have in my book. They are easy to wear and can be tied and worn in hundreds of different ways that will make each outfit unique even if you wear the same scarf. Accessorize with scarves whenever you can and with whatever you can maxi skirts, cropped jeans and even with your favorite summer tanks. If you don’t know how to tie a scarf don’t worry there are plenty of YouTube tutorials to help you out or watch our event calendar for our next scarf tying workshop.

  1. Dark wash skinny jeans make for a perfect outfit.

Every girl needs at least one pair of dark wash skinny jeans especially for Fall. The dark wash will pair perfectly with your favorite and colorful tanks from the summer months. And when the weather gets a little warmer than expected you can always cuff them up. These jeans will also pair perfectly with boots, booties or even your cute Summer sandals and wedges when the weather permits.

The weather is already starting to transition and before we know it Fall will be here. So, start now and be prepared, gorgeous and fabulous when it’s time to transition your Summer wardrobe into your Fall wardrobe. The big question is what Summer pieces are you going to hold on to throughout the Fall and what can you bring out of hibernation?


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