The Four Word Phrase I Hear Everyday And I Cringe!

Posted by Tiffani Waters on
     There are four words that I hear on a daily basis that just astound me every time I hear them. I bet you could guess what they are and I would make an even larger bet that you have said these phrases yourself. The four words are usually either "I am too fat," or "I hate my body." It amazes me daily that I keep hearing these phrases from all of you beauties that I love and care about, and yet these are never phrases that I am thinking when I see you. Not even for one second.
        I get it though and I have to admit that I catch myself from time to time muttering these same terrible four words. I am just here to tell you all something that is so important for all of us to remember; you are beautiful, inside and out! We are all the real, unedited, beauty-full, and perfectly flawed versions of ourselves. 
     So, be you and don't be ashamed or afraid and every time that you look in the mirror and are about to say those four words just remember one thing, you are saying terrible and untrue things about one of my dear friends!


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