It's More Than Just A Color

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Did you know that one in eight women in Colorado will have breast cancer in her lifetime? As we all know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and everything is all about the color pink! Everywhere you look there is something pink! There is more to October than just celebrating the color pink, this is the month where we can all come together for one very important cause that we all may know too well. This month becomes heart wrenching at times as we hear the stories over and over of how this awful disease if affecting those we love but it is also a month of empowerment and a month to uplift and give to those that are in need. 

   October has become a special month to me, especially, as we approach the 5th Annual Pretty in Pink Fashion Show. This show has become the sole fundraiser for our local Women's Cancer Coalition. This Coalition helps women in Montezuma counties with education about breast and reproductive cancers and offers financial assistance to women for mammograms, pap tests and expenses related to women's cancer. 
   This year not only are we hosting a larger show with more auction items, more clothing and more fun in hopes of helping more women in our area, but we are also hosting our 1st Annual Get Pinked Night, October 1st from 5-7:30pm. This will be the place to get your pink on! Get your pink hair streak, the pink nails and your Pretty in Pink Fashion Show tickets all in a one stop shop. But now more than ever it is not just about your pink accessories but pink has become more of a symbol to women of empowerment and encouragement that we can provide to those who are and have dealt with Breast Cancer. All of our proceeds from this evening will also be donated to the Women's Cancer Coalition. Please consider joining us, even if it is just for a few minutes to show our solidarity against this awful disease and our willingness to help those who dearly need it. 


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