Never Say Never

Posted by Tiffani Waters on
   Never say never, especially to skinny jeans. I hear it all the time and I mean ALL of the time. Not only do skinny jeans look great on every shape, they especially look great when balanced out with a tunic top or something a little more loose on the top. 
   Many women think that just because it has the word "skinny" in it, they just won't fit their shape. This is the biggest misconception. Skinny jeans are incredibly flattering to all shapes because they can flatter the curves that you already have! 
   Just like everything else in the fashion world it is all about balance. When wearing skinny jeans you will want to balance out the tailored look with something a little longer and not quite as fitted on top. That is why skinny jeans and tunics are the dynamic duo!
   Skinny jeans are also great because they can be worn as a casual look or they can even dressed up with more accessories and some wedges or heels. And forget the hassle of trying to fold and tuck your jean into your favorite tall boot. Skinny jeans will easily slide into your boots with ease. 
   Another look that you can achieve with skinny jeans is, when the weather turns a little warmer, you can always cuff the  jean into a crop or capri length; making them a versatile and much needed necessity to your closet for every season.  
   If you don't already have a pair of them that you could not live without, it is definitely a look worth trying. And remember to keep an open mind and to try them on with a top, like a tunic, before you make your final decision!

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