It's Not Always What You Think

Posted by Tiffani Waters on
 If I were to ask you what size you wear, more than likely, you would be able to tell me a letter or a number that you think is what fits you. But how did you come up with that number or letter? Is it something that you have always known or did it come from your most recent clothing purchase? It doesn't matter where it came from but what does matter is letting that number or letter stipulate what you buy or even try on. 
   Not all sizes are created equal, very few sizes actually fit the same. Every brand seems to have their own idea of what a size actually is and not only that but there are so many different cuts and styles, not to mention fabrics, that factor into how a certain top/bottom fit. So, the next time that you are shopping don't just shop by the size but rather shop by the fit. Take the top (or whatever it might be) off of the rack and hold it up and just look at it to see if it fits. Once you have found what you think is close to the right fit make sure that you try it on! If you are anything like me you won't want to but the only way to know for certain if an item will fit is to try it on, whether that is at home or in the store fitting room. I know that it might be a different way of shopping than you are used to but it's all about getting the right fit instead of the right letter.
   One more note about the letter or the number in the back of your clothing, remember that that letter is just something that the brand made up. This is just a letter or a number and nothing more. Please don't let that number get stuck in your head that it might mean or even say something about you, because it doesn't. What it doesn't say about you is that you are perfectly and wonderfully made and so, so loved! And that is what you should remember about your size. 

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