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If you are anything like me when it comes to doing laundry, if there is a shortcut I will definitely take it. But, if you are also like me you know from first hand experience that often times these "shortcuts" actually end up costing you big time.
For example, just a couple weeks ago I took home my favorite new tank of the season, the Bring It All Together Tank. I was so excited I immediately wore the heck out of it and then threw it in the hamper, promising myself to remember to take the time to hand wash my new prized possession. Later that week I went to do laundry and I threw all of my pretties in the washing machine, looking twice at each one that went in. I picked up that beautiful sage tank and thought that I should just leave it out to hand wash but I quickly reminded myself of my other to do list items and that I might not get to wear that tank again soon if I don't just wash it now and in the washing machine it went. That tank will never be the same. Rest in peace my friend with the most amazing fit, soft feel and the perfect layering piece that I adored.
I hate to admit it but this wasn't my first favorite top that came out of the wash shrunken, lifeless, muted and totally destroyed. I should have known better, I mean...hello the tag does clearly say hand wash cold water! When will I ever learn?
When you stare at all of those tiny labels trying to decipher them can seem like you are trying to read Mandarin. What the heck does that little circle mean and why does this tag have all of the dots? Ugh! And then you eventually decide that you will take the risk, because you have another top just like this and it washes just fine. Sister, it is not fine!
I know that I can not be alone in trying to decode the load, so I have put together a quick guide for you and some quick tips to help save your precious closet and keep your wardrobe looking fresh!
First of all here is an image that you can download, print and hang in your laundry room as a reminder! 
Laundry Care Tag Symbols
Most of you probably already know these but for those of you who don't, this literally could change your closet! Seriously, if you haven't tried these simple practices it is definitely worth the few extra seconds that could lengthen the life of everything in your closet.
  • Wash your jeans inside out, in cold water, on the delicate cycle. No matter if your jeans have bling on the pockets or not, it is worth the time to wash them all inside out. The wash cycle is not only harsh on the extra details but can also fade your denim, especially if you wash in warm water.
  • Do NOT dry your denim! If you can help it don't dry your denim and if you do make sure that it is on the lowest heat setting possible.
  • Do wash your cottons in warm water and tumble dry on a low setting.
  • Hand-washing viscose and rayon is ALWAYS best. (Even if the care tag says something different). Remember that tank that I ruined, this would have saved the day. It was 100% Rayon.  
  • Never wring items that you hang dry, it will add wrinkles.
  • Hand-wash lingerie and lay it flat on a towel to dry.
  • Buy a steamer! Not only are they magic at taking out the wrinkles but you can use the steam to clean your delicate/hand wash items between whole wash cycles. The steam will kill the bacteria and germs and you can buy a fabric refresher to spritz on while you steam for a freshened feel and smell. 
  • Adding white vinegar to the wash will help set fabric dyes, helping lock in dye to save from bleeding and fading. White vinegar is also a great way to help keep your whites bright. 
  • Follow the care tag instructions! Ok, this one was a no brainer but I needed the reminder so I thought you might too. 

   Being a shopping expert also means that at some point you must be a laundry expert. Yes, it is a chore...that I hate with a fiery passion of a thousand suns. Yes, it is time consuming. Whenever they invent the next robot it better be for doing laundry, folding it and putting it away, I will be the first in line. Yes, we all hate it (if you don't you can come to my house, I have plenty to help you get your fill). Let's just be honest and say that laundry sucks, but it sucks even more when you pull out your favorite top and realize it will now fit your toddler are welcome little girl! But I do hope that these few hacks and the care tag symbol download will be something that you find useful. If you need a copy just swing in the store and ask or send an email to and I will get one sent over to you ASAP!


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