Simple Laundry Tips

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   Most of you probably already know these but for those of you who don't, this literally could change your closet! Seriously, if you haven't tried these simple practices it is definitely worth the few extra seconds that could lengthen the life of everything in your closet.
  1. Wash your jeans inside out, in cold water, on the delicate cycle. No matter if your jeans have bling on the pockets or not, it is worth the time to wash them all inside out. The wash cycle is not only harsh on the extra details but can also fade your denim, especially if you wash in warm water.
  2. Don't dry your denim! If you can help it don't dry your denim and if you do make sure that it is on the lowest heat setting possible.
  3. Do wash your cottons in warm water and tumble dry on a low setting.
  4. Hand-washing viscose and rayon is ALWAYS best. (Even if the care tag says something different)
  5. Never wring items that you hang dry, it will add wrinkles.
  6. Hand-wash lingerie and lay it flat on a towel to dry.
   Being a shopping expert also means that at some point you must be a laundry expert. Yes, it is a chore. Yes, it is time consuming. Yes, we all hate it (if you don't you can come to my house ). All in all, laundry is a daunting and inevitable task that all of us have to accomplish and if it is done right it can keep your wardrobe looking new, even when it isn't.

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