What Do I Do With This?

Posted by Tiffani Waters on
   I have been getting this question more frequently than ever now. Blanket scarves are a hot fashion item not only for the Fall season but also for Spring. These scarves may look huge and overbearing but they are so adorable and easy to handle when you know a few tips.
   When I first got my hands on a blanket scarf I thought, "Oh my what have I done?" After a surprisingly quick Pinterest search (I mean who uses Google when you have Pinterest)? I found hundreds of images and quite a few tutorials and after a few minutes online I had mastered my blanket scarf tying skills. The link that started it all is this one If you don't have a blanket scarf and have decided that you need one, we can help! We have a multitude of colors and patterns and each scarf is only $24.99! Also, if you have a blanket scarf and need some additional help with the styling do not hesitate to come in and ask for a demonstration!

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