Matchy, Matchy!

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    Not too long ago I had a customer in the store and we were putting an outfit together for her. We had found a navy top that she had fallen in love with but it happened to be sheer and she needed a matching basic camisole to go with it. When we walked over to the basics section she was searching for the perfect match. After looking for a few minutes and not finding a camisole in the exact same shade of navy she told me "Well, it just looks like you have nothing to match! Now what do you suggest?" After looking over the color options I had I suggested that she try the peach camisole instead of searching for a navy that matched. Her response was something that just made me giggle, she said "Well, I had never thought of not being so matchy, matchy before!"  
   Sometimes putting an outfit together is a little counter intuitive. The answer to these questions isn't always the same. It depends on your style, personality and what you are pairing together. But my rule of thumb is to try and find something that contrasts more than worrying about being matchy, matchy. Not only can this be easier to find pairing pieces but it can also expand your wardrobe at the same time. This can allow you to create many different looks with the same pieces by changing out the pairs. And who doesn't love a bigger closet?! Just as a reference here is an info graphic that you can refer back to when you need help being not so matchy, matchy!



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