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Hey there! I'm Tiffani, the face behind Love on a Hanger. My journey into the boutique world started in 2011 after graduating college with a finance degree. Feeling a different calling, I decided to follow my dream of being an entrepreneur. Realizing there was a need for clothing in our small town, I took the plunge and started my own boutique. From my very first market, I knew this was meant to be.

how it started

The early days - 2011

Women's Boutique Cortez, CO

How it's going

The storefront today - 2024


I founded Love on a Hanger to provide women with stylish options that suit their busy lives. It's more than just a business - it's about helping women discover their beauty and confidence through fashion. The joy of seeing my customers shine is truly fulfilling. Alongside being a devoted wife, I'm also a proud mom to a little boy born in 2023. I am beyond blessed to love what I do every day.

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